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FAQs on the 10 sen IBG Fund Transfer Campaign

What is the objective of the campaign?
The objective of this campaign is to build greater awareness amongst the general public and to educate banking customers on Inter-bank Giro or IBG using internet or mobile banking, which is a fast, affordable and convenient way to transfer funds from one bank to another as well as to make payments to a recipient who is a customer of another bank.
What are the activities planned for this campaign?
Which banks presently offer IBG?
How can IBG transactions be effected?
Is there a maximum amount that can be transferred via IBG by individuals?
What are the efforts initiated by the banks to promote IBG to their customers?
How does one reconcile payments made and received via IBG?
If one does not have any access to internet banking, what are the alternatives available?
How would you address security concerns of members of the public in your promotion of internet banking and IBG?
What are the measures adopted to encourage users to migrate to e-payments?
What is the fee imposed for IBG transactions viz-a-viz cheques?
When will the money reach the recipient’s account?
Can I transfer funds to any type of account in other banks?
Can I use IBG to pay for my credit card and loans?
Is IBG available 24 hours a day?
What are my other alternatives if I have more than RM10,000 to transfer?
Do I need to pay the service fee each time I make a funds transfer?
How can I inform the recipient that I have transferred money to his account?

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